Wherehouse Pricing Model

Wherehouse offers a variety of pricing models depending upon your business scale and needs.


Pay as you go model

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Per unit: starting at 5 INR

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Per order: starting at 10 INR

Cost Plus Model



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Box In Box Out fulfilment


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Unit In Box Out fulfilment

Pallet in pallet out

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Pallet based pricing

High Throughput operations



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Unit-wise: starting at 2 INR


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Pallet-wise: starting at 450 INR per pallet

Per sq ft-wise

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Per sq ft-wise: starting at 25 INR per sqft


Wherehouse Lightning

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Same-day delivery: starting at 42 INR per order

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Next-day delivery: starting at 35 INR per order

Courier Partner wise

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Pricing based on selected courier partner

Platform Charges

Pay per use

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Pay per use: 1.5 INR per order

Subscription based

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Varies depending upon Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly pricing

Messaging Suite

Text message

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Text message: starting at 1 INR per order

Whatsapp Messages

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Whatsapp Messages: starting at 6 INR per order